We will be continuing with The Story on 3/29 at 10:30 am using Zoom ( https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78674993933 )

The Story is built around 31 thematic chapters in chronological order. Each chapter contains word-for-word sections of the NIV Scripture along with just enough exposition to seamlessly tie the Bible together – from Genesis to Revelation. In other words, it is a journey through the Bible in 31 sessions. Members read one chapter at a time which is them discussed in Sunday morning Bible class. Timelines, maps, charts, character sketches, and discussion questions will help weave the thread from the beginning to the end of the Bible. Nothing intimidating, no deep theology, dry history, or embarrassing questions to answer. Classes will vary in approach with small group discussions as well as whole group input.

And to bring this event to the entire congregation, our Sunday School and Teen Bible Class will be following the same 31 sessions at the same time as the adults. What a unique approach to have all our members taking the same spiritual journey at the same time. (We will even provide babysitting for families with children age 3 and younger.)



Entire families, adults and youth of all ages are encouraged to participate in The Story together. This is also an ideal opportunity to invite friends within our community to attend. We will offer 4 age levels of The Story. Each level includes special presentations and books written for that level. These books will be on display in the Gathering Room. Please note that ALL items in this program are provided FREE. Any donations to this program will be appreciated to help defray the cost. Also, in addition to the following books there is a 365 day devotion book that coincides with the course for a suggested price of $5.

FOR THE ADULTS: The Story for adults is a hardcover book. One per household should be sufficient. It contains 31 chapters, each to be read the week prior to the session. (Suggested price $5.)

FOR TEENS GRADES 7-12: The Story for youth is a paperbound book. One per teen is suggested. It contains 31 chapters, each to be read the week prior to the session. (Suggested price $12.)

FOR KIDS GRADES 2-6: The Story for kids is a paperbound book. One per child is suggested. This book will be discussed in each session. (Suggested price $9.)

FOR CHILDREN PRESCHOOL TO GRADE 1: The Story for children is a large hardbound picture book that will be used by the teacher in class. These books are optional for your children, however they make great books to keep in your child’s home library. (Suggested cost $12.) [There is an additional picture book for children ages 7-10 for the suggested price of $10.]

THE CONGREGATION WILL COVER THE COST OF ALL MATERIALS. Adults/parents have the option of covering part of the cost in a free-will donation. 

For the study guide and answers, please visit here