Flight and Bernoulli’s Principle – Take Home the Science 2019


God created an amazing idea called LIFT.  The fancy name is Bernoulli’s Principle.  This means that when the air moving over the top of a wing is faster than the air moving under the wing the wing there will be LIFT up.  Bernoulli’s Principle will help a 10 pound eagle soar for about 50 minutes of every hour in the air. That same principle will LIFT a 640 ton AN-225 aircraft into the air.


The top of the wing is curved. Air moves quickly over the wing. This causes Low Pressure.

The bottom of the wing is straight and the air moves more slowly under the wing. This creates an area of High Pressure.  The higher pressure underneath the wing pushes the wing up and produces lift.  The air above the wing must reach the end of the wing at the same time as the air traveling under the wing.  This means that the air going over the top of the wing has a longer distance to travel. The air over the wing must travel faster to reach the air at the bottom of the wing at the same time.  Thus a difference in air pressure is created causing lift.



Airplane and Bernoulli’s Principle Videos: